Dubai is a city-state known for its gorgeous skyscrapers, stunning landmarks, and lavish projects which embody the essence of luxury. Their recent project the Pearl of Dubai, the world largest underwater theme park is just one of the many luxury projects that made the city a favorite holiday destination. Once again, another iconic architecture is set to rise off the coast of Dubai – The Floating Seahorse.

The Floating Seahorse is a lavish floating villa, but according to the real estate agency Kleindienst Group, they are constructing a series of boats that looks like villas.


The villas which are essentially a boat that doesn’t move will be fitted with a kitchen, sun deck, and glass-bottomed Jacuzzi. The boat will have three floors, the main floor, upper deck and lower level which will be underwater. The lower floor is where the master bedroom is located and since it’s submerged in water and has floor-to-ceiling windows you have a 360 degrees view of the ocean around you.


The Floating Seahorse at a glance appears to be just another house by the sea because of its minimalism, modern architectural style and full-length windows. But, since there is another floor completely submerged in water, it turns into a one of kind house. By the way, the villas are not just going to be the home to the ultra-rich but also actual seahorses which are now considered as endangered species. Underneath The Floating Seahorse or luxury villas, an artificial coral reef will be created and protected so seahorses can live and breed in a safe environment.