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KHB Real Estate is devoted to serving the needs of buyers along the Shores of Lake Huron, Luxury Homes throughout Ontario, Canada and the USA, along with International Destinations.  Through our personal life experiences, we have created a large presence of International relationships, resulting in an extraordinary sphere of influences, as well as established alliances with international agencies and representatives.  We are confident that we have created strong and dependable relationships that will in turn influence and benefit our clients, helping and guiding them in the right direction.

Our buyer services include extensive market research and knowledge, home searches, buyer tours and negotiating powers.  You will be advised of comparable home sales in the area, the best price to offer and more.  Our clients have the advantage when buying a home, as a result of excellent consultants, home inspectors, moving companies, contractors and builders.  Our service providers are on hand; ready to serve our buyers every need.

The global influence that we have generated is also complemented by our first-class clientele service and trusted results, along with our new leading edge website, which highlights our client’s properties with the utmost detail and technology.  With over 15 years in the professional sports world, we have devotedly transitioned our drive and desire to servicing our clientele.  KHB is striving to become the number one valued and esteemed luxury real estate team, both nationally and internationally, as a result of service prided on intimate real estate knowledge, honest and trusted client service, combined with an unrivalled perseverance and absolute dedication.

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