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KHB is excited to connect their Listing Clients homes to their international network, which has been built over 15 years, We have been living our lives in the Professional Sporting World, which has taken us to many different cities globally. We have developed a vast number of intimate and credible relationships with colleagues all over the globe, built on a “want” for luxury, in life and in home. Our global relationships and network influence is complimented by our state-of-the-art website, which distinctly showcases client’s properties.

As your selling representative we will help you determine the listing price that will give you the financial return that you desire, we will show your home to remarkably valued buyers, and market your property to the highest level. We will expose your home to buying prospects beyond our immediate contacts. We will market locally, nationally and internationally. Online, as well as offline, the opportunities are endless in today’s wired global environment and not many can match our reach in the online world of social media. We use every resource available to attract buyers to our properties. Furthermore, our strong negotiating power automatically gives our sellers the advantage.

As if envisioning the prospect of moving your entire life to a new place isn’t stressful enough, to imagine leaving behind your current home is not only a financial issue, but also an emotional one. Our trusted and discreet approach will ensure a seamless transition to your next property.

We understand it is not just a house, rather your home, and treat it as so, making sure to effectively and relentlessly market to find the perfect buyer.

Yes! I would like to know how to sell my home without lifting a finger!

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