Athlete Services.

Top 4 Professional Sports (NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA)


Average Yearly Salary

4.52 yrs

Average Career Length

29 yrs

Average Retirement Age

+40 yrs

# of Years in Retirement After Sports


% Broke Within 5 Years of Retiring

KHB has made a commitment to providing experience, tools and resources that help meet the athlete’s unique real estate needs. Our personal experiences in navigating professional sports issues come from learned knowledge as a result experiencing the social, mental and physical demands of the professional sporting world. Through KHB’s unique experiences they are able to provide first-hand insights on real estate realities athletes face during their playing careers and beyond.

Our specialized approach, along with our global network will assist in educating and empowering professional athletes to make intelligent decisions and take control of their real estate futures.

KHB looks to work with athletes facing the exciting, yet difficult transition caused by a trade or free agent departure, and signing. We strive to decrease the stress of relocating (Buying or Selling) so our client(s) can concentrate their efforts on their new team and city. We are confident that our elite service will manage every aspect of a move allowing the athlete to focus on their performance. We will provide expert referrals containing top-notch management in the real estate transaction. KHB will be your trusted and elite “one point” of contact for the following;

  • Luxury Home Purchases (Canada, USA and International Destinations)
  • Luxury Home Listing and Marketing (Canada, USA and International Destinations)
  • Short and Long Term Leasing
  • Luxury Building and Renovation Contractors
  • Vehicle Transport
  • Household Moving
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Automotive Needs (Purchase | Rentals)
  • Boat Needs (Purchase | Rentals)

The hard work and talent it takes for athletes to get to remarkable places, allows a life that few will experience. Along the way, your real estate life will grow unwaveringly more complex, with an ever-increasing number of interconnected challenges.

  • How do you create a sustainable budget when your earnings vary greatly from year to year and the length of career is difficult to predict?
  • Can you live up to your real estate commitments while supporting the people and causes that are most important to you, presently and post career?
  • How do you sustain your real estate purchases as a public figure, particularly during gaps in your cash flow?

Most importantly, KHB looks to watch out for your long term real estate future, by guiding and assisting athletes in making wise real estate purchases now that will leave you with a position of strength in the future.

Krys and Holly strive to reverse the statistics showing the high percentage of athletes who experience bankruptcy post career, mainly as a result of misguided and untrustworthy real estate decisions. Athletes have distinct needs that require very specific solutions. Krys and Holly’s strength of network locally and internationally, gives the ability to have a presence in the majority of major markets. KHB has the capacity to support your ambition, no matter how big your dream.

We will help you keep pace with your dynamic life, as you did not get to where you are by thinking small! You dreamed big, and dedicated your life to achieving exceptional goals in the most competitive industries. We want to make sure all that hard work is complimented by elite service as well as educated and trusted decisions that will protect our clients present interests and lifestyle, combined with an eye on our clients future ambitions.

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